Board of Directors

The directors of Music Worcester

Leading in 2017-2018

Board Officers

Kirk A. Carter, Esq., President
Virginia A. Vaughan, Ph.D., Vice President
David Mayotte, CPA, Treasurer
Alice Lambert, Clerk

Board Members

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ph.D.
Edla Ann Bloom
Mary Fletcher
Mark Georgeson
Anna Granquist, President, The Music Guild
Angela Knapton, President, The Worcester Chorus
Kim Longe, The Worcester Chorus
Meredith Lord

W. Peter Metz, MD
Jane Neslusan
Cynthia Pitcher
Joel Popkin, MD
Kathleen Rooney
Anthony Smith
Robert Sorrenti, MD
Patricia Verderese


Ex Officio

Adrien C. Finlay, Executive Director, endowed by The McDonough Charitable Foundation