Young Artist Competitions

Annual competitions for area instrumental & vocal music students


Rewarding Dedicated Young Musicians

 The Young Artist Competitions of Music Worcester and the Worcester Chorus' Dr. Gerald R. Mack Award

Established in 2010, the Dr. Gerald R. Mack Award honors the 28-year tenure of the esteemed former Conductor of the Worcester Chorus.  The Mack Award is funded and awarded by the Worcester Chorus to a graduating Worcester area student planning to study music.  This prize is open to students planning to study any aspect of music - instrumental,vocal, music business, etc.  Download application and mail to Music Worcester at 319 Main St., Worcester, MA 01608. Deadline for applications is May 15th.


All instrumental and vocal competitions are held in Alden Memorial Hall on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The  Instrumental Competition awards monetary prizes, including the Music Guild's Stasia B. Hovenesian Prize, honoring Music Worcester's long-time former executive director.

The Young Artists Vocal Prize, awarded for the first time in 2016 by Music Worcester, was previously offered by Opera Worcester, which was officially disbanded in 2015, and the award taken into the family of Young Artist Competitions of Music Worcester.  The prizes awarded to the winners of the Vocal Division are supported by former members of Opera Worcester, and include the Dr. Paul E. Shannon.


All efforts, including all judges, audition space in Alden Memorial Hall at WPI and at Briarwood Community in Worcester, are donated. All monies raised go to prizes for participating students.  The Music Guild began awarding scholarships in 1986 and the first Stubblebine winner was named in 1990.  Opera Worcester funded the Vocal Prize for many years, relying upon donations by their members.  Music Worcester will continue this tradition. 

Please consider making a donation to help us continue the competitions.


Junior Division Instrumental (middle school)
1st Prize, tie
Madeline Jiang, piano (Northborough, Melican Middle School, student of Lu Lu)
Justin Wang, piano (Northborough, Melican Middle School, student of Helena Vesterman)
2nd Prize, tie 
John Qiu, violin (Shrewsbury, Oak Middle School, student of Yulia Zhuravleva)
Mateo Vidali, cello (Holden, Montview Middle School, student of Emmanuel Feldman)
3rd Prize, tie
Maxwell Huang, piano (Shrewsbury, St. Bernadette School, student of Faina Kofman)
Karthik Seetharaman, piano (Shrewsbury, Oak Middle School, student of Eleanor McLaughlin)
Isabelle Zhao, piano (Shrewsbury, Sherwood Middle School, student of Olga Rogach)
honorable mentions
Isaac Brito, piano (South Lancaster, South Lancaster Academy, student of Connie Drexler)
Plamen Fung, French horn (Westborough, Sarah Gibbons Middle School, student of Anne Howarth)

Senior Division Instrumental (high school)
1st Prize, Stasia B. Hovenesian Prize of The Music Guild of Music Worcester
Ashley Kim, violin (Grafton, Grafton High School, student of Peter Zazofsky)
2nd Prize
Alyssa Guo, piano (Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury High School, student of Faina Kofman)
3rd Prize
Hailey Meng, piano (Westborough, Westborough High School, student of Olga Rogach)
4th Prize
Alyssa Goins, clarinet (Worcester, South High Community School, student of Nancy Ackerman)

Vocal Division (high school & college)
1st Prize, Dr. Paul E. Shannon Memorial Prize
Kerrigan Bigelow, soprano (North Andover, North Andover High School, student of D'Anna Fortunato)
2nd Prize
Megan Cumming, soprano (Princeton, McGill University, student of Joanne Kolomyjec)
honorable mention
Julia James, vocalist (Southborough, Algonquin Regional High School, student of Sharon Erman)

2017 Young Artist Competitions

Young Artist Competition, Vocalists  Division  Sunday, April 29, 2017 - held at Briarwood Community

  • 1st place - Melody Qiao, Natick, Walnut Hill, student of Beth Canterbury
  • 2nd place - Megan Cumming, Princeton, Wachusett Regional, student of Jane Shivick
  • 3rd place - Sarah Hargrave, Hopkinton, Walnut Hill, student of Teresa Winner Blume
  • 4th place - Zoe Langsdale, Amherst, Smith College, student of Karen Smith-Emerson
  • Special encouragement award:  Weijhu Shao,Natick, Walnut Hill, student of Teresa Winner Blume

 The Young Artist Vocal Competition is open to high school and college students applying to or in college voice programs.  Formerly run by Opera Worcester, the vocal competition has been taken into the Music Worcester group of competitions for student musicians.


Young Artist Competition, Junior Division Instrumental May 3, 2017 - held at Alden Hall, WPI

  • 1st place - Andrew Kim, cello, Grafton, Millbury Street Elementary, student of Ronald Lowry
  • 2nd place (tie) – Jessie Liu, piano, Westborough, Sarah Gibbons Middle School, student of Faina Kofman
  • 2nd place (tie) – Justin Wang, piano, Northborough, Melican Middle School, student of Helena Vesterman
  • 3rd place (tie) – Madeline Jiang, piano, Northborough, Melican Middle School, student of Lu Lu
  • 3rd place (tie) – Vivian Liu, paino, Harvard, Bromfield School, student of Janet Ainsworth
  • Honorable mention awards to : Plamen Fung, French horn,  Westborough, student of Anne Howarth and John Qiu, violin, Shrewsbury, student of Yulia Zhuravleva


Young Artist Competition, Senior Division Instrumental May 4, 2017 - held at Alden Hall, WPI

  • 1st place (tie) - Sophie Chen, piano, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury High School, student of Faina Kofman
  • 1st place (tie) – Lazi Danga, piano, Worcester, Bancroft School, student of Olga Rogach
  • 1st place (tie) – Kaede Ishidate, cello, Holden, Wachusett Regional, student of Ning Tien
  • No other places awarded
  • Honorable mention award to: Hailey Meng, piano, Westborough, Westborough High School, student of Olga Rogach

2016 Young Artist Competitions 

Junior Division, May 4

  •  1st Place: Justin Wang, Northborough, piano student of Helena Vesterman
  • 2nd Place: Ethan Chaves, Charlton, violin student of James Buswell.
  • 3rd Place (tie): Alyssa Guo, piano student of Faina Kofman, Shrewsbury and
    Anushka Mukhopadhyay, Shrewsbury, piano student of Eleanor McLaughlin.
  • Honorable mention encouragement awards given to Daniel Joh Kang of Shrewsbury, violin student of Yulia Zhuravleva, and
    Max Yan of Shrewsbury, clarinet student of Vladimir Vaskevich.

 Senior Division, May 5

  •  1st Place (tie): Grace Betry of Fitchburg, piano student of Roy Imperio, and
    Sophie Chen, Shrewsbury,  piano student of Faina Kofman.
  • [no 2nd Place award given]
  • 3rd Place (tie): Joseph Wang, Shrewsbury, viola student of Michael Zaretsky, and
    Ahana Mukhopadhyay, Shrewsbury, piano student of Eleanor McLaughlin.

Music Worcester wishes to thank our judges for their participation and expertise:   
Junior Division: Sarah Kelly, Yulia Zhuravleva, and Prof. Eunmi Shim.
Senior Division: Prof. Douglas Weeks, Prof. Christi Nigro, and Joyce Tamer.

Dr. Gerald R. Mack Award and Young Artists Vocal Prize

  •  Christopher LaMountain of Westborough, a graduating senior from Westborough High School. Chris is a student of Julie Krugman and will be attending Northwestern University. 



Senior Division May 7, 2015

First Prize - The Stasia B. Hovenesion Prize:  Grace B. of Fitchburg, 17 years old, piano. Teacher: Roy Imperio

Second Prize - Zoe C. of Northborough, 16 years old, violin.  Teacher:  Anna Anderson

Third Prize - Sarah L. of Worcester, 17 years old, piano.  Teacher: Eunmi Shim

Honorable Mention - Ahana M. of Shrewsbury, 15 years old, piano.  Teacher:  Eleanor McLaughlin

Junior Division May 6, 2015

First Prize - (tie) Hailey M. of Westborough, 13 years old, Piano (Teacher: Olga Rogach) and Kaede I. of Holden, 14 years old Cello (Teacher: Ning Tien)

Second Prize - Ethan C. of Charlton, 11 years old, Violin.  Teacher: Fudeko Takahashi

Third Prize - Jessie L. of Westborough, 12 years old, Piano. Teacher: Faina Kofman

Honorable Mention - Jacklyn L. of Worcester, 14 years old, Piano. Teacher: Eunmi Shim


22 Students competed in 2014; 9 in the Junior Division and 13 in the Senior Division.

Senior Division
Monica C. of Shrewsbury, 17, piano, Shrewsbury High School
Teacher: Faina Kofman

Grace C. of Westborough, 14, piano, Westborough High School
Teacher: Dorothy Yang

Miranda W. of Rutland, 15, violin, Wachusett Regional High School
Teacher: Sophie Vilker

Richard P. of Shrewsbury, 15, piano, Shrewsbury High School
Teacher: Sima Kustanovich

Junior Division
Andrea J. of Northborough, 12, piano, Melican Middle School
Teacher: Lu Lu

Sophie C. of Shrewsbury, 14, piano, Oak Middle School
Teacher: Faina Kofman

Jacklyn L. of Worcester, 13, piano, Forest Grove Middle School
Teacher: Eunmi Shim

Lazi D. of Worcester, 13, piano, Bancroft School
Teacher: Olga Rogach


Sixteen student musicians competed on May 2, 2013.

Top Prize
Felix Chen of Shrewsbury, 15 years old, clarinet
Teacher:Vladimir Vaskevich, Joy of Music Program, Worcester

First Stubblebine Prize
Raagini Rameshwar of Shrewsbury, 17 years old, piano
Teacher: Janet Ainsworth, Clinton

Second Stubblebine Prize
Sophie Chen (Felix's sister) of Shrewsbury, 13 years old, piano
Teacher: Faina Kofman, Westborough

Third Stubblebine Prize
So Hyun Lim of Worcester, 15 years old, piano, Holy Name Jr/Sr High School, first time applicant
Teacher is Eunmi Shim of WPI


A total of 21 young musicians competed on May 3, 2012.

Top Prize
Vanessa Meiling Haynes of Shrewsbury, 14 years old, piano
Teacher: Tema Blackstone, New England Conservatory Prep
Vanessa has won many awards in Ohio, South Carolina, Spain, Washington state, NYC and China

First Stubblebine Prize
Garrett Levesque of Worcester, 16 years old, violin, Burncoat High School
Teacher: Rohan Gregory
Garrett participates in Symphony & String Orchestras, and String Quartet. As a freshman he was selected to be the concertmaster of the Central District Orchestra, and part of the first violin section of the All State Orchestra.

Second Stubblebine Prize
Felix Chen of Shrewsbury, 16 years old, clarinet
Teacher: Vladimir Vaskevich, The Joy of Music Program , Worcester
Felix won a prize in last year's competition and performs with the Worcester and Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, taken the 2nd Seven Hills Concerto Competition Prize, and participated in many Central District and Massachusetts All-State concert bands and orchestras.

Third Stubblebine Prize
Raagini Rameshwar of Shrewsbury, 16 years old, piano, Advanced Math and Science Academy, Marlborough
Teacher: Janet King Ainsworth, The Rivers School
Raagini also studies theory and composition at the Boston Conservatory of Music


A total of 18 young musicians competed on May 4, 2011.

Top Prize
Zlatomir Fung, 12 years old, cello, Mill Pond School, Westborough
Teacher: Emmanuel Feldman

First Stubblebine Prize
Felix Chen of Shrewsbury, 15 years old, clarinet, Shrewsbury High School
Teacher: Vladimir Vaskevich, Joy of Music Program, Worcester
Felix also performed on piano for the competition and has participated with the Worcester and Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra programs.

Second Stubblebine Prize
Lydia Consilvio of Auburn, 17 years old, oboe
Teacher: Joe Halko
This is the second year in a row that Lydia has won this prize. She has performed with the Worcester and Boston Youth Symphonies and the 2010 Massachusetts All State Orchestra. She is also a reed maker.

Third Stubblebine Prize
Cynthia Schilling, 17 years old, piano, Fitchburg High School
Teacher: Roy Imperio, Thayer Performing Arts at Atlantic Union College
Cynthia was a prize winner of the 2009 Young Artist Competition.


A group of 23 students competed on May 5, 2010.

Top Prize: The Music Guild Prize
Seohee (Sarah) Min, 17, violin, St. Mark's School in Southborough
Teacher: James Buswell, New England Conservatory
Performed: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D-Major

First Stubblebine Prize
Brendan Dooley of Worcester, 15, flute
Teacher: Linda Bento-Rei, Worcester
Performed: Ibert Flute Concerto

Second Stubblebine Prize
Lydia Consilvio, 16, oboe, Auburn High School
Teacher: Joseph Halko, Westborough
Performed: Poulenc Sonata for Oboe & Piano

Third Stubblebine Prize
Pianist Lan Wang,  16, piano, Westborough High School
Teachers: Omar Soffan, Royal Academy of Music, Worcester and Janice Weber, Boston Conservatory
Performed: Scriabin Etude in d-minor