20th Anniversary Tour: A glorious mix of ancient and new Irish music

Program (subject to change)

Ballydesmond Slide/Paddy Cronin's/John Doherty's/Scott's Favourite (instrumental)

Beir Mo Dhuthracht (song)

The New House/Brown-Eyed Bridget/The Humours of Holliston (instrumental)

Lord Gregory (song)

Willie Crotty (song) Merle's Tune/Murtough Molloy/The Flags of Dublin (instrumental)

Caislean Rathanain/Mairseail na Conrach (instrumental)

Posadh Do b'Fhearr Liom Na Bacfainn E/Muirisin Deas Is Nora (song)

Passage West (song)

Tuamgraney Castle/The Broken Pledge/The Braes of Busby (instrumental)

The Willow Tree (song)

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Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 4:00 pm - Mechanics Hall



Tickets: Adult $42, Student $15, Youth $5

Hailing from historic County Waterford, Danú is one of the leading traditional Irish ensembles of today. Their standing room only concerts throughout Ireland are true events featuring high-energy performances and a glorious mix of ancient Irish music and new repertoire.

Presented in partnership with the Hibernian Society.


"The playing is immaculate, they display an unerring instinct for arrangement, and amid the
dexterity of the interplay they still create the illusion of simplicity."
Mojo Magazine

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