Brooks Hall at Holy Cross

Brooks Hall is one of several performance venues used by Music Worcester

1 College Street, Worcester, MA 01610

Located in Fenwick Hall on the campus of The College of the Holy Cross, the newly renovated Brooks Concert Hall is an acoustically superb concert space seating about 200 people. It is the venue most often performed in by faculty, including the Holy Cross Chamber Players, and student performance organizations. It houses two concert grand pianos: a Steinway Concert D and a Steinway Concert B. It also contains a two-manual William Dowd harpsichord.


Parking is at the Hogan Center. From the Hogan Campus Parking area, proceed down the stairs to the right of the Hogan Campus Center. At the bottom of the stairs, follow the walkway to the right, cross the road and head past Smith Hall. Proceed down the first set of stairs after Smith. At the bottom of the stairs, the building facing you is Fenwick Hall, which houses the concert hall. The entrance to the John E. Brooks, S.J., Center for Music is on your left, also marked with a sign above the door. The Brooks Concert Hall is located on the second floor of the building.