Hovenesian Music Prize

About the prize

Recognizing 38 Years of Service

To honor Music Worcester's long-time executive director, the Music Guild named the top prize of the Young Artist Competition the Stasia B. Hovenesian Prize.
Ms. Hovenesian led Music Worcester for more than 38 years and stepped down from the position in 2012.

Young Artist Competition

Music Guild Stasia B. Hovenesian Prize

Tied for First Place at the Young Artist Competition 2017,
were  pianists Sophie Chen, Shrewsbury,student of Faina Kofman and Lazi Danga, Worcester, student of Olga Rogach, and cellist Kaede Ishidate, Holden, student of Ning Tien.

The Young Artist Instrumental Competitions are open to Worcester County student musicians performing on orchestral or band instruments a movement or portion from a concerto or other work of the the standard classical repertoire (such as sonatas, etudes, etc.) for 10 minutes maximum.

Please follow this link to the Young Artist Competitions page for more information on past winners or to register for an upcoming competition.