Fun For All Ages from Music Worcester in November

August 27, 2015

Music Worcester Presents FUN FOR ALL AGES         

     The Bollywood Orchestra & Dancers and the Chinese Acrobats

both shows live at Mechanics Hall this November!


Contact Midge Hamilton, 508-754-3231 x201
August 27, 2015 For Immediate Release

About the Shows
Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India

Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 7:30 PM  Come experience the debut of the Bollywood Masala Orchestra & Dancers of India in Worcester! 

Tickets are now on sale, adult seats $49, student $17.50, and youth $7.50. Ticketing fees apply.
Purchase online or call 508-754-3231.

The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India present "Spirit of India", a new step toward a bold vision in Indian live music and dance being presented to the world for the first time. Rahis Bharti, one of India’s greatest musical figures, and the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India invite you on a lively musical journey from Rajasthan to Mumbai.

The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India is a vision of Rahis Bharti, who invites you into the world of music, dance, dynamic rhythm and spirituality that characterizes the incredible India we know today. From an early age he was captivated by both the rich traditions and modern interpretations of his country’s signature sound and vision. Over his career Bharti has travelled the world performing and has made each prestigious festival, concert hall or theatre into a lavish and courtly stage of his own imagining. With 17 professional artists onstage, you will experience the soul of a veritable feast of Indian sounds, featuring a mix of Indian and Western instruments such as bass drums, side drums, trombone, tabla, dholak, harmonium, and clarinet, among many others. Your feet will soon be tapping along without you even realizing it.

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 National Acrobats & Circus of the People's Republic of China

 Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 4:00 PM  Come check out the return of the National Acrobats & Circus of the People's Republic of China to Worcester at Mechanics Hall!

Tickets are now on sale, Adult seats $49, student $17.50, and youth $7.50. Ticketing fees apply.
or call 508-754-3231.

 Direct from Beijing, The National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1953, making it one of the longest running and most distinguished circus troupes in China. The contribution the Company has made to the world circus society is profound. During the 1980’s, the Company started to change the concept of the “animal circus” to a new style of “non-animal circus” which influenced the then pioneers of “Cirque du Soleil” who invited many coaches from the Company to teach them the acts such as Balancing Chairs, Bicycle and Chinese Poles, which culminated in the revolutionary program “Circus Reinvented!”. The Company has toured to eighty countries around the world.

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