International Tastings with International Artists

Jan 8, 2016

We are celebrating our visiting international artists AND Music Worcester's far-reaching educational programs and activities. Please join us during intermision next Friday to support our efforts to bring world-renowned musicians and artists in contact with greater Worcester youth and aspiring musicians.

Intermission reception features beverages from Poland

Contact Midge Hamilton, 508-754-3231 x201
January 8, 2016   For Immediate Release

Intermission Tastings at International Performances
A Chance to Enhance Your Concert Experience AND Support Us!

This intermission reception is a mini-fundraiser - we ask all who attend to pay-what-you-will upon entering the reception (cash or check). Proceeds will support Music Worcester's outreach activities and programs, including In-School Residencies and Masterclasses, Tickets to Opportunity, and Festival Singers.

This event will take place in the Boyden Salon of Mechanics Hall (reception room by the elevators behind the stage on the 3rd floor of the building)

Polish-Baltic Philharmonic - Friday, February 12

tastings: Sobieski Vodka (rye), Zubrowska Bison Vodka, Wisniowski Cherry Liqueur

also coming up:

Mnozil Brass - Thursday, April 7

tastings will include Austrian wines - red, white, and sparkling

Light refreshments and a selection of other beverages will be available