Tickets to Opportunity

Music Worcester is proud to give back to the community

Tickets to Opportunity

Music Worcester's Tickets to Opportunity program, provides low to moderate-income students and a parent to attend one of the concerts during the Music Worcester season.

  • Music Worcester is currently seeking funding from many different sources to cover the total cost of this program. 
  • Music Worcester believes that, by providing these opportunities to local youth, we will inspire participants by opening doors to new experiences and cultures.
  • Music Worcester believes that, by providing an opportunity for parents and children to experience the magic of live performance together, we provide an opportunity to strengthen both the individuals, as well as the family units in our communities.
  • Music Worcester believes we must build young audiences to ensure the future of live performing arts. 

If you would like more information about this program, please contact Music Worcester at  or at 508-754-3231. 

Thank you for your donation of the tickets for our families to go see The People's Republic of China Acrobats, they had a blast! From the bottom of our heart we thank you for believing in us and standing strong next to us. It is with deepest heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that we are fortunate to consider you part of our family.
--Robyn Lewis, Why Me & Sherry's House

We had a wonderful time. Without being offered complimentary tickets, we would not have been able to even consider seeing this show. Experiencing this performance live was a wonderful treat and we greatly appreciate it. Even though our daughter's leukemia has changed our lives so much, we are very fortunate to be a Why Me family and to have wonderful organizations offer ourselves and other Why Me families tickets to such amazing shows. This show gave us a wonderful night out and the chance to see an unbelievable performance by the Chinese Acrobats. Thank you so much!
--Ticket Recipient from Why Me, Inc.