Festival Singers

Worcester high school students may audition

A Unique Choral Experience for Youth

Inaugurated for the 2008-2009 season, The Worcester Public Schools Festival Chorus Project gives young singers at the high school level in the Worcester Schools an opportunity to sing with The Worcester Chorus. Students are paired with a singer-mentor from the Chorus, attend rehearsals with the adult chorus and sing with the Worcester Chorus during the season.

“The Worcester Chorus continues to benefit a great deal from our Festival Singers Project. The enthusiasm and energetic spirit of these young artists reminds us of the essential need to pass along the great tradition to future generations. I'm proud of the hard work and profound growth of these students, performing some of the most challenging works in our repertoire.  We hope this program will only grow and become a model for other mentoring projects in the performing arts.”
—Andrew Clark, Music Director, 2006-2009

“I greatly enjoyed singing with the Worcester Chorus this year because it has allowed me to be better at sight reading.  This experience has also allowed me to expand my knowledge of musical repertoire.”
—Cheryl Goodney-Rios, Festival Singer

“Being in The Worcester Chorus has given me—as a singer and as a performer—a chance to improve and definitely define my voice. I am so looking forward to joining again next year, and performing the amazing classical pieces. It's a friendly and great atmosphere.”
—Phyllis Duff, Festival Singer