Marlboro Music has invited Young Artist Competition Winners to Visit this Summer

2012 Young Artist Competition Winners

We received a really nice message today, congratulating the winners of 2012 Young Artist Competition...and offering them a great opportunity to visit Marlboro Music, a place like no other - where master artists and new musical leaders live, learn and explore great chamber music together in the foothills of southern Vermont, and where audiences make musical discoveries that last a lifetime.  The offer is for the winners to go to a day of rehearsals or to a concert, be taken around and hear how Marlboro works, and connect them with a participating musician who plays their instrument.  Worcester's own Peter Stumpf is participating this summer.

Since 1951, Marlboro Music has played a leadership role in the development of chamber music worldwide, and in enriching the artistry and changing the lives of generations of exceptional musicians. For seven weeks each summer, concert artists of widely varied ages and backgrounds come together as one closely-knit musical family. They have the unique gift of unlimited time to study in great depth works from the vast chamber music repertoire. Under the guidance of Artistic Directors, Richard Goode and Mitsuko Uchida, the resident artists share with one another, and with audiences from around the world, the joyful and inspired results of their intensive collaborations. New Yorker Magazine called Marlboro Music "the classical world's most coveted retreat."

In his message, Mr. Frank Salomon also says:

'I thought that you might also enjoy seeing a special 60th Anniversary publication - Reflections on Marlboro Music - which has some wonderfully evocative photos from James Levine and Van Cliburn playing four-hands in 1956 to Richard Goode and Mitsuko Uchida playing with some of the current group of exceptional young professionals.  There are also some touching and insightful stories from Arnold Steinhardt of the Guarneri Quartet (formed at Marlboro in 1964); from an audience member who first came as a student in the 1950s and recently endowed an annual Marlboro concert in Toronto;  to Jonathan Biss talking about "time" at Marlboro and the lack of it in our professional life; and a fresh look at Marlboro from a British journalist who experienced Marlboro for the first time in 2010.  I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together." 

Thanks Frank!