From My Desk - Reflections from the Executive Director

Artistic quality and artistic excellence....  what exactly do those terms mean?  Here at Music Worcester we have been talking a lot about our incredible history of presenting musicians, performers, and dancers of the highest quality going back to our very beginnings in the 1850's.  But what on earth does that actually entail?  Does it mean we've had hugely popular artists who have fans across the globe?  Does it mean we only present artists who have a stamp of approval associated with them - a Grammy, a MacArthur genius fellow award, performers sought after by the top symphonies across the world?  To my mind the answer is all of the above, and none of the above at the same time.

The inherent nature of quality being in the eyes of the beholder cannot be forgotten.  A pianist for whom I would fly across the country to hear may not be to your liking.  A singer who can sell out a stadium may not even be known to parents.  And of course there are the musicians who gain fame posthumously - those who were worthy of being a household name during their lifetime.

Here at Music Worcester this all comes together at this time of year as we gear up for Opening Night on Friday, October 19.  Ticket sales are not going to occur unless a potential attendee is convinced the event is worth the ticket price.  We can't do such convincing unless we've taken the time to educate our audience - current and potential - through PR, marketing, and audience development.  

And so there you have it - how we are spending our time here at Music Worcester for the past few weeks - putting into print, into design, and into social media our attempts at clearly communicating the excellence of our performers.  

A happy Fall to all,