$25,000 Matching Challenge

This Challenge is in effect mid-November 2013 through December 31, 2013.

If successful, $50,000 will be raised to support Music Worcester's Spring 2014 schedule, including appearances by Philippe Entremont, Bela Fleck, The Worcester Chorus, Simone Dinnerstein, and so many others.

Thank you to all Music Worcester patrons who have already supported us this year!

Music Worcester's Board of Directors has issued a $25,000 dollar-for-dollar Matching Challenge to all Music Worcester supporters for the final six weeks of 2013.  If successful, over $50,000 will be raised to support Music Worcester programs, concerts, and educational initiatives.  

All donations to Music Worcester are fully tax deductible, and all donations will go directly to supporting the wonderful programs of Music Worcester - Simone Dinnerstein, John Pizzarelli, Philippe Entremont, Christopher Shepard and The Worcester Chorus, the Moscow Festival Ballet, Bela Fleck, and so many other great performers in our greater Worcester community.

Thank you to all Music Worcester patrons who might participate, and to the Board of Directors for ensuring the financial sustainability of the organization.


Music Worcester

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