Educational Initiatives


Chris Shepard will produce podcasts for each program, UNLOCKING BACH, discussing the music, interviewing performers, and building a library of “audio program notes,” in addition to his more traditional notes.

Podcasts will help audience members understand Bach’s musical code and the fascinating musical language and rhetoric behind Baroque music. Episodes will also connect THE COMPLETE BACH to the larger international Bach community.

He will also interview Bach musicians and scholars throughout the project in a series of videos, ChatJSB, often involving the musicians who will be performing.


In the 2023–24 season just prior to the launch of the project, Chris Shepard will produce Bach101, an audio course to introduce audiences to Bach’s life, the musical genres to be surveyed over the coming decade, and various terms of great importance to understanding Bach’s output.

Bach: The Next Generation

Throughout the project, we will partner with area schools to present concerts, educational projects and opportunities for students to participate in various concerts.

In conjunction with some of our partner organizations, we will also seek to provide a platform for gifted young singers, players and conductors still in music school, as well as those in the early years of their career.

As the project unfolds, we will hold masterclasses and short courses, offering performance opportunities to some of the most promising participants.


October 25 - October 27, 2024

Bach Organ Multimedia Concert
Zlatomir Fung
BACHtoberfest Choir