Tickets to Opportunity

Music Worcester Proudly Gives Back to the Community

Tickets to Opportunity participants are able to attend Music Worcester events at no cost.  This is Music Worcester’s hallmark program for area youth as well as constituents of area human service nonprofits and organizations.  Tickets To Opportunity as a program works to reduce barriers to attendance, whether such barriers be ticket prices, locations of venues, transportation or other more subtle concerns, such as perceptions regarding types of music.

If you are interested in more information about this program, whether to donate tickets or receive them for your school or organization, contact Heather MacFarlane, Education & Community Liaison.

Donations to support this program may be made directly online from this website or by contacting Kate Rafey, Director of Development,  508-754-3231, X 203.


Donate to Tickets to Opportunity

Give the opportunity to experience the magic of live performance. Send a child and their parent or guardian to a Music Worcester concert.

Kim Paré, Executive Director

McCauley Nazareth Home for Boys

The Tickets to Opportunity program was a new and eye-popping extravaganza for our youth and staff. For a few hours we were whisked away to a magical place, enraptured by a different form of entertainment many had never seen before. This type of social and cultural engagement is often cost prohibitive for youth living in residential programs such as ours. On behalf of Nazareth’s Board of Directors, youth and staff, thank you! Everyone had a terrific time!